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Our History

Originally formed in 1925 the Walton Area Chamber of Commerce has been a steadfast proponent of the local business community from it's inception.

As Posted In:
The Breeze

Thursday, June 23, 1946

Walton County Chamber of Commerce Working Out

The Breeze Newspaper

"After several weeks of planning by a steering committee appointed at an earlier meeting and including Adrian Rivard, chairman, Phil Harris, Burl Underwood, Melville Jennings and M.T. Fountain, a meeting was called for last Friday night to further the organization of theĀ Chamber of Commerce.

Previously, the Board of County Commissioners and the City Council had agreed to appropriate $4000 and $2000 respectively to aid in financing the organization.

The committee repots a ready response to the membership drive as 82 business and professional men and women had signed for membership up to Wednesday noon and the committee hopes to contact every prospective member throughout the county during the next week.

Tentative plans are that theĀ  five county districts have representation on the board of directors and that each community be represented by at least one member if not more.

The membership fee will not be less than $25, though many members have paid larger amounts in order to finance the organization.

Officials of the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce and others were in attendance at the meeting Friday night and gave material help and advice on the process of successful organization.

The Chamber of Commerce had been needed here through years gone by and it will prove of benefit to every citizen in various ways. The quotation "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" was never truer than in this organization. Join with your fellow citizens and neighbors and help make a business like organization to make our community more prosperous and a better place to live. Your help is needed and you are invited to join the Chamber of Commerce today."

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"Industry is moving to small towns," declares Roger William Riis in the Reader's Digest for June, "and small towns, aware of their advantages, are advertising them and dangling them before industry with such added inducements as tax-free or rent-free facilities, even offers of pre-paid moving expenses."

A Chamber of Commerce will be able to contact prospects in business and sell them on the advantages of Walton County.

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