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Mentoring Emerald Coast

World Class Program

Vision Statement:
Mentoring Emerald Coast is world class in connecting experience with potential.

The Mentoring Emerald Coast Program prides itself on being extremely beneficial to you whether you are engaged as a Mentor, a Mentee, or Sponsor.

Mentoring Emerald Coast

Benefits for mentors:

  • Impacting an individual’s career
  • Giving back through mentoring
  • Learning and growing through the mentoring process

Benefits for mentees:

  • Enhancing leadership and management competencies
  • Exploring career development opportunities
  • Improving work/life balance

Benefits for sponsors:

  • Recognition in Mentoring Emerald Coast marketing materials, website, and events
  • Strengthening community leaders
  • Sponsoring a ‘world class’ mentor
  • Sponsoring a ‘world class’ mentoring program

Why We Do This

Mission Statement:
Mentoring Emerald Coast, strengthening communities through mentoring.
Area leaders, employers, and community organizations agree: development of the next generation is key to growing and maintaining growing and maintaining a winning team and a vibrant community in which to work and play.

Make Greater Impact

“We believe the primary responsibility of leadership is to grow more leaders. Mentoring Emerald Coast has been a vital partner in our individual career development initiatives for over a decade. Our partnership with Mentoring Emerald Coast has increased our leadership capacity,and improved teamwork and employee engagement.”
~ Walton County Tax Collectors Office
"When you’ve reached some measure of success, you owe it to others to send the elevator back down to bring them up."
~Carter Consulting Group

No matter your age or career stage, whether you’re looking to increase your management capacity or to start or grow your own business, the Mentoring Emerald Coast program has a place perfect for you.

Contact Us
Mentoring Emerald Coast
An Inititative of the Walton Area Chamber

63 South Centre Trail
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
(850) 267-0683

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Our Methodology
Proven methods of recruitment, matching, and a nationally recognized curriculum highlight this world-class mentoring program.

Keys for Success:  Choose Your Focus
Leadership Mentoring involves the mentor and mentee meeting at least monthly for a nine months period of time.  Two leadership development goals are established during the initial meeting.  Ideally, the mentor meets with the mentee and their manager to engage them in the goal setting and feedback processes.  In subsequent sessions, the mentor shares knowledge, and discusses skill development with their mentee.  Additionally, effective work behaviors and values may be explored.  The mentee presents current challenges in both their work and broader life in order to brainstorm solutions.  Career advancement is also discussed in this mentoring relationship.

Entrepreneurial Mentoring involves pairing a successful entrepreneur with an emerging entrepreneur.  The mentor shares 'best practices' on how best to grow one's business.  In addition to a year of mentoring sessions, the entrepreneur will have access to entrepreneurial success materials and groups.  The mentor will also assist their entrepreneurial mentee with other community resources.

Thank you to our Mentoring Emerald Coast sponsors!

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